Welcome to the website of the Community of the Living Spirit (CLS)! 

We are a small, progressive-thinking, interfaith church group that meets to explore the theological, spiritual, social, and political insights found in a variety of traditions. We gather, also, to celebrate life, reflect upon life's meaning, support various social justice projects, and offer each other care and support upon life's journey.

Sunday Liturgies: 


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(Association for the Rights of Citizens with handicaps) 

419 Frederick St.        Waukesha 53186

All are welcome!!!

Our part-time ministers Sharon Sullivan and Katherine Zakutansky each join us on one Sunday per month. On the other Sundays CLS members ourselves provide homilies and/or lead discussions. We also enjoy frequent guest homilists. (See Sundays)

Other activities include book discussions, social events, and supporting other social-justice-oriented groups and human service agencies in their educational and fund-raising efforts.

For more information contact: 

Administrative Secretary Linda Vincent (lindavincent@wi.rr.com)  or 

Music Director Bonnie Birk (bonniebirk@wi.rr.com).

The mailing address for CLS is

1224 Buena Vista Avenue

Waukesha  WI  53188

Phone  262  521-9185

A CLS Synopsis:

CLS is a progressive group in terms of its religious and political views. While most of us have a Christian background, we like to consider ourselves “interfaith,” promoting inclusivity and welcoming all. We find enrichment in exploring the resources of many faith traditions and in using words of wisdom from many other sources as well. These ideas are incorporated into our personal and communal spiritual journeys. Our weekly Sunday liturgy is the main focus of our existence together, and we find the experience inspiring as well as energizing for the week ahead.

CLS has a strong social justice emphasis, not only in terms of outreach but also as a topic of relevance in weekly homilies and educational discussions. We from the start made the decision to forgo possessing a building so that monetary resources could be used for charitable purposes. Members’ personal involvement in social justice causes and/or activities has always been of great importance, and has indeed been very inspiring to others. This emphasis extends to our care for each other as we work toward enhancing each others’ lives and providing support in times of need.

Because of our social justice emphasis, we are interested in current theologies that stress the justice aspect of religion, such as feminist and liberationist theologies, creation spirituality, and eco-theology, among others. Many members are interested in the “universe story” and “evolutionary faith” as well. Our own life stories are also rich sources for comment and discussion.

We see ourselves as fully capable “ministers,” relating to each other as such and finding inspiration in each others’ lives, activities, and thoughts. Many of us enjoy planning liturgies and like to work with our ministers in discussing and planning many facets of our community experience. We think of our relationship with our ministers as mutually enriching and nonhierarchical.

Our members have a broad spectrum of individual religious beliefs, ranging from atheistic and agnostic to having a strong connection to the religious traditions they grew up with. We have found that it is important, when speaking about our own religious beliefs, to avoid language that suggests or assumes that others believe the same as we do. A focus on social justice awareness linked with the desire for spiritual and personal growth takes for granted individual differences along the journey, so a wide range of beliefs is seen as interesting and enlightening. 

© Bonnie Birk 2012
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